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Hey everyone... We have a new website!  This one will be eventually phased out.  There is also a new Blog as well attached, and you will want to sign for that so you can get Updates & Articles. Check it [...]

Making the Most of the Lock Down

Hope everyone is keeping well and making the most of this opportunity to have a little more control over your time and life...even though from the world's perspective, we have anything but that.  Here is some of what we have [...]

Take A Little Time…To Renew Your Mind

Time.  That is something that a lot of us have a bit of extra!  I remember hearing people say when Pastoring how difficult it was for them to spend time with God, because of lack of time.  I suggested that [...]

Declaring God’s Word

There is real power in our words.  Many believe prayer changes things, but do we understand that the way we pray makes a huge difference as well.  Faith is an important part of prayer as well, and if we just [...]

God’s Medicine

Around fifteen years ago, I took very ill.  The doctors could never discover what was wrong with me.  I was tested for everything under the sun (twice and three times in many instances).  In the end, I believe it was [...]

A New Testament Response to the Virus

I love the Old Testament.  There are many truths and revelations of God’s character and nature within its pages.  There is history.  And there is powerful symbolism and imaginary that foreshadows the coming of Jesus, even giving us deeper insight [...]

Rediscover & Rebuild Your Life (Part 1)

We all go through things.  It has been said that when we go through difficulties or life changing moments, it is for one of two reasons.  Either we have sown something in our lives in such a way that we [...]

Spirit, Soul, Body (Part 2.2)

Looking again at the Book of James.  Spirit, Soul, and Body.  When Christ comes into our lives, we are totally transformed and have a new spirit.  Born Again.  There is no such thing as being a "partial" Christian.  And yet, [...]

Spirit, Soul, Body (Part 2.1)

God wants us whole.  Jesus went to the cross, not just for us to have eternal life with Him, but to have a relationship with Him while on this earth that is transforming.  The work has been done, and our [...]