We believe that Jesus is the hope for the world, and His representation on the earth is embodied in His church. There are numerous expressions of that church. Jesus told those who followed His ministry that people will search for the Kingdom in structure and location, but that His Kingdom dwells within (Luke 17:21). That does not deny the necessity of Biblically structured churches, but instead, serves as a reminder. Where we go and churches are established there is an opportunity for God’s Kingdom to be established. If Jesus-centred Biblical churches are established in dark places, then God’s Kingdom automatically comes and brings light.

In light of this, we are excited about seeing a new breed of churches planted all over the world. Ones that are simplistic in their DNA, easily reproducible, and built by people in love with Jesus and committed to doing life together with that overflowing into the community around.  We want to support that kind of community and relationships any way we can…and what better way then through friendship!

Whether by e-mail, through our Facebook pages, or meeting for a cuppa, relationships are the bedrock of doing church small but dreaming in a big way.  If we can connect, or be a platform to getting other like-minded people sitting around the table together, it brings a smile on our face.  No one should have to experience church going alone.  We want you to feel connected to someone and know that people do care.

Just to get you started if you want to connect, either go to our Contact Page and send us an e-mail or go to our Grassroots Church Planting Ministries Facebook PageAnd do not forget to put your name down for our Blog/Newsletter, The Simple Things. You can do so on this website.