Hope everyone is keeping well and making the most of this opportunity to have a little more control over your time and life…even though from the world’s perspective, we have anything but that.  Here is some of what we have been doing with our “Lock Down” time:

We are spending more time in the Word and in Prayer.

We have heard of people working in nations where they spend their mornings, every morning, in the Word and Prayer, before going out to minister in the afternoons.  Some would argue that that is not practical in our society.  Well, for one, that could be a reason they are seeing more of the gospel at work in their lives and ministries, and secondly, that is more possible for many then it was before.  It has been good and refreshing, and not only doing a work in us now, but preparing us for future ministry.  I am not posting how much time we are spending, because that is not the point, but that it is important to seize the moment of opportunity to seek God with all your heart and soul.

Learning to develop our social media and working on some new projects with that social media.

We got some new projects that we are working on.  It has involved a huge learning curve, and we are working on numerous fronts right now, including our work in Kilkenny with The Light House.  But in order to keep things simple, let me focus on Grassroots…and I would encourage you to Like, Subscribe, and Sign Up to keep connected if you are not already.

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  2. Go to our YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN40Ai9oI1D194PhUWUZpDQ
  3. If you are not already signed up for our updates (blog), go to our website, and either way to be prompted to sign up, or scroll to bottom of homepage and enter your e-mail address there.  This is particularly important as eventually, we will be no longer doing updates in this present format of sending out e-mails, but you will only get it through our updates.  THERE WILL BE FURTHER REMINDERS BEFORE WE MAKE THAT CHANGE…but go do it now if you haven’t already:  www.grassrootschurchplanting.com

Additions To Our Website Over The Coming Months

  1. All of James’ three books will be available for FREE PDF download.
  2. Immersion On-Line Courses should be up and running, with instructions of several options for you to do the courses!