Partnership relates to the development of a Grassroots Network, or perhaps better put, “Grassroots family.” We use the word “family” because our goal is not to create another ministry for the sake of it, but to have a platform for those of us who share values and want to work more intimately in “doing life together” to see God’s Kingdom manifest tangibly in the world that we live in.

What is Grassroots Network?

To us at Grassroots, “Network” is another name for “family.” This means relationship first; and then out of those relationships ministry flows. Network/Family is intertwined by a system of beliefs and values that commit to doing life together while on a journey of knowing God and making Him known.

There are a variety of models and methods used to express church, those expressions can be a part of us as a movement (read our blog article “Different Church Styles with One Goal”), but no matter the expression, we hold steady to grassroots’ values that emphasize intimacy with God, discipleship, and church planting.

We believe that an important aspect of any type of church gathering is the establishment of Biblical leadership and eldership. We affirm God’s authority working through humble and servant-hearted leadership is a necessary part of the church, and we believe in accountability within the network that honors those God has placed into leadership. The ultimate goal of the church is to know God and make Him known.

As stated in other parts of this website, relationships take time and we take this very seriously. Partnership is about a commitment to love one another in a unique way that involves commitment and perseverance based upon shared values and resources. We are not quick to do this. We look for God connections that have developed through the course of time. So before you send a random request for this ministry to “partner” with you, know that partnership for us is like a marriage, and comes down the road after friendship and courtship.

And by the way, we are happy with being just friends. Partnership is different then friendship in that there is a greater commitment. We just want you to know that not all relationships are progressive, and that does not mean we want to cut you off or end friendship just because it is not moving towards Partnership.

With all that said, we have some very basic stuff that is involved in Partnership.  It can be discussed in greater depths should “you and we” feel our relationship is heading in that direction.  Here is some of what that looks like to us:

  • Agreement with Core Convictions, Guiding Principles, and Beliefs.
  • Agreement to operate within the basic policies of the Grassroots Church Planting Handbook.
  • Understanding that Partnership is family, commitment to operate within the relationships of Grassroots Church Planting Ministries (just to note, this is not about denominationalism or being exclusive or insular in our relationships, but just an acknowledgment that Grassroots Partnership involves accountability and commitment to each and is not about being connected to a name of an organization).
  • Tithing into the ministry of Grassroots Church Planting Ministries.