We all go through things.  It has been said that when we go through difficulties or life changing moments, it is for one of two reasons.  Either we have sown something in our lives in such a way that we are repeating a bad decision or lifestyle choices, or it just came upon us for no reason of something we have done wrong ourselves.  No matter which, God’s desire is the same in both situations.  That we grow closer to Him.

Israel was driven out of their Promised Land because of sin and rebellion against God.  Their hearts were hard.  Even from that perspective, God loved them and wanted to see them redeemed.  After 70 years in captivity, God began to bring them back to their homeland.

God wants you to overcome!  His plans are for good and not to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).  We need to have a victory attitude as opposed to a victim attitude…and that is something that I have had to and continue to have to seek God, pray through, and renew my mind through Scriptures about.

As you watch this video, be encouraged…God wants to turn over your captivity!