Time.  That is something that a lot of us have a bit of extra!  I remember hearing people say when Pastoring how difficult it was for them to spend time with God, because of lack of time.  I suggested that it was more of a priority issue, as God was not standing over them with a clock, but it is often the non-necessary and non-essentials that take away from us spending time with God.

Here we are with time on our hands, and it probably shows better then ever, where is our priorities.  Like the person who wishes they had money in order to give more, only to get more money, and NOT give more.

Really, it comes down to LOVE.  That is God’s connection point to us, and that is the response He is looking for.  We can share about how we NEED to spend time with God, but really, where our HEART is, that is where we will put our time.  God wants our heart.  He wants yours.  He wants mine.  Let’s let Him have it!

We have a Grassroots Church Planting Ministries Youtube Channel, and through all this, having been doing some stuff more regularly on it, as well as on other social media outlets.  Just did a series for another ministry we work with called “Take A Little Time…To Renew Your Mind.”  I have also just over the past few days posted them on our Youtube Channel.  Check them out!  Subscribe!  There will be other stuff coming down the road!