Part of the dream of Grassroots Church Planting Ministries is to take from our own experiences with Jesus and in church planting in order to help resource others. One of the greatest needs we see in the world and church today is for spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness.  We are committed to that end within ourselves and want to share what we are learning with others! The amazing thing is that as we engage with one another and genuinely open ourselves up through friendship, we invest understanding and wisdom to each other, creating a culture of cross-pollinating, that can only result in multiplication!

Immersion Internship

At the heart of Grassroots Church Planting Ministries is an understanding that the “call of God” for different groups and individuals is unique and with that unique call are unique ways of doing things. Experiences from others and proven principles can be helpful, but ultimately people need to experience God for themselves. We want to help feed a passion for God that empowers people to fulfill their unique calling. Some of the ways that we feel we can come alongside others is through online resources, seminars, books, internship programs, and any other way we can be of help.

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