Developing Vision

We are currently in a restructuring season. God tells us not to despise the days of small beginnings…so we are taking this one step at a time! We have done a variety of training in the past, from interns for 3-6 months to training that has taken place one weekend a month over several years. Occasionally, we do afternoon, evening, or full day training seminars, and if you are interested in us coming to your group or church, please fill out the Contact Form below!

You can also keep an eye on our FaceBook page and sign up for Blog Newsletter, as we will be sharing our future plans to launch On-line Ministry Training Courses!

Ministry Training Courses we are looking at creating:

  • Marriage/Relationships
  • Healing – Spirit; Soul; Body
  • Spiritual Authority
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Church Planting

If you have a particular interest in one of these, or in something else, let us know!


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