In no way do I want to minimise the seriousness of what is going on around the world in connection to the Coronavirus, but if you are “glued to the news,” odds are, you are being bombarded with fear.  A week ago, while driving, I felt the Lord drop something in my heart.

Something positive spiritually was going to follow on the heels of the Coronavirus.

I did not sense that it was going to carry the weight of what many in Christian circles would think of when considering the term revival, but I felt that the Body of Christ in general would be moved a step further in its love and surrender to Jesus, and the sense of personal responsibility towards reaching out to the world around us.  In other words, a significant step towards a global revival was coming!

Before I expound, let me take at looking at something that is happening in the natural realm, and to give it a bit of “punch,” let’s go back thousands of years to the children of Israel.  Because of continued sin and rebellion, Israel, and eventually Judah, were taken captive by their enemies.  One of their many sins:  They did not honour the commands of God to give the land rest every seven years.  For 490 years, they did not give the land rest.  God’s purpose in the command was because, as farmers have learned, it was necessary for the health of the land to give it rest.  I personally know and buy from a local organic farmer in our area, and because he does not use chemical sprays and fertilisers, he must practice crop rotation and every 4-5 years, he gives each field a rest.

In 2 Chronicles 36:21, we read that part of the reason the captivity would be 70 years, was in order for the land to regain all the Sabbaths rest that it was denied in Judah’s rebellion, and heal.

For years we have been hearing and debating climate change and the environment.  People approach the subject from everything to passivity to declaring our world will self-destruct in 20 years.  Most people would agree that there are changes that need to be made.  What is interesting to me is the speed at which healing can take place.  As true in our physical bodies, given the right nutrients and environment, so too, it seems our world can heal as well.

The smog is lifting over parts of China.  For the first time in who knows how long, the very polluted waters of Venice are clear and you can see the bottom, and even more fascinating, fish are returning!  The land is healing as factories close, plane and car travel decrease, and all kinds of other “stopping” happening in our world because of this virus.  And that…is good news!

But there is more I want to write then just about the environment.  Let’s talk spiritually.  Churches all over the western world have gone on-line, and its people…they are talking more.  They are connecting on social media and in chat groups.  I have been doing some work with youth, and we are connecting more now then we ever did before.  Not face to face, but yes, face to face, by screen.  People are talking over their fences, on walks (perhaps 6 feet away, but talking none-the-less), and people are thinking about their neighbours.  The ministers in churches are doing their best, but the church is falling more into the hands of the people to take responsibility for their own spiritual well-being and each other!  And that…is good news!

So what is God speaking to you?  In what ways can you reach out?  To God.  To your family.  To others.  Don’t let this be a wasted opportunity in your life…wasting it away on Netflix, video games, and flicking through social media mindlessly.  Use this time to seek God and to be a blessing to those around you.  Take responsibility for your life, and make a difference!